How to Make USB Flash Drive Not Removable

Updated March 23, 2017

A USB flash drive is used for portable media, and can be removed from the computer once the files are copied. You can then take the media to another computer. Making a USB flash drive non-removable allows you -- for example -- to install an operating system on the drive. Using a non-removable flash drive allows you to run an operating system on a computer from the flash drive without having to install it.

Connect your USB flash drive to a USB port on your computer. Move the contents on your USB flash drive to a safe location because this process will remove all files on the drive. You can transfer the files to a folder on your hard drive or to other media, such as a CD or DVD.

Click "Start," type "cmd" in the search box and press "Enter." A blank command prompt window will open.

Type "diskpart" and press "Enter." Type "list disk" and press "Enter." Write the disk number listed, for example Disk 1, of the USB flash drive.

Select "Disk 1," "Clean," "Create Partition Primary," "Select Partition 1," "Active, Format FS=NTFS" and "Assign." Minimize the command prompt window. The "Format FS=NTFS" command will take a few minutes to complete.

Insert your Windows 7 DVD into your CD drive. Click "Start," "Computer" and note the drive letter for the Windows 7 DVD. For example, it may be drive "D." Also note the USB flash drive letter. For example, it may be "H."

Maximise the minimised Command Prompt window and type "D: CD boot" and press "Enter." (D is your DVD drive letter that you found in the previous step. Your letter may be different than "D.")

Type "CD boot" and press "Enter." Type "bootsect.exe /NT60 H:" -- H is the letter of your USB drive that you wrote down in step three. Note that there is a ":" after the drive letter. You will see a "Bootcode was successfully updated" message on the screen.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows 7 installation CD
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