How to Unfreeze a Samsung F480

Updated February 21, 2017

Your Samsung F480, also called the Samsung Tocco, may be a robust multimedia device, but if it freezes up it becomes completely useless. When a cell phone freezes, it is generally because of a glitch that causes the software to stop working, and you need to reset the phone to get it working again. However, with some Samsung touch-screen phones, such as the F480, the touch screen can stop working, making you think that the phone is frozen, since it doesn't respond at all. In these cases, you will have to replace the touch screen to get the device operational again.

Flip the F480 over and push down on the battery cover to remove it. Grab the battery by its bottom and pull up to remove it.

Replace the battery and see if the phone is still frozen. If it is not, the problem was just a software glitch. If it still is, the touch screen should be replaced.

Remove the battery again, and slide the SIM card out as well. Turn the phone to the left side and pull out the SD card cover. Push in on the SD card to release it, then pull it out of the phone.

Turn the phone over and remove the four screws on the back of the phone.

Insert your pry stick between the front and back cover. Push either up or down on the pry stick until you hear the case "pop" apart. Then run the stick around the outside of the phone to completely separate the two halves of the phone.

Use your pry stick to disconnect the two ribbon connectors at the top of the control board, the one ribbon connector just above the battery compartment and the antenna connector below the battery compartment. Then remove the screw at the top of the board.

Place your pry stick underneath the control board and lift it up to remove it. You will have to disconnect another ribbon cable on the underside of the board. Pull up on the antenna board, located below the battery compartment, to remove it.

Remove the screw, located near the camera.

Pull up on the black tab located above the ribbon cable slide connector near the bottom of the phone. Pull the ribbon cable out of the slide connector.

Place your pry stick underneath the very bottom of the antenna control board and pull up to free it, then pull up on the metal plate to remove it and the antenna board.

Place your pry stick underneath the LCD panel and pry it up to remove it, leaving just the touch screen.

Remove the old touch screen from the table and replace it with your replacement screen. Reverse the disassembly process to get the phone back together. Remember to thread the middle ribbon cable through the slot in the metal plate, and remember to connect that same cable to the underside of the main control board before you seat it.

Things You'll Need

  • Small Phillips screwdriver
  • Pry stick
  • Replacement touch screen
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