Instructions on Attaching a Ural Sidecar to a Motorcycle

Updated July 20, 2017

A sidecar-equipped motorcycle can be an enjoyable combination, as you get all the benefits of riding a bike, like the open air and freedom, with the added benefit of being able to carry additional loads. Sidecars also allow you to keep your feet up and you never have to worry about falling over. The Ural sidecar is one of the most rugged and reliable. Setting it up on a motorcycle is an involved process, but you can do it with the right parts and instruction.

Go to DMC sidecars, the only manufacturer that produces subframes to allow the attachment of the Ural sidecar. In the centre of the page, you will find "sidecar mounts." Click it and you will be brought to another page. Locate "Side Mounts for Motorcycle" and click it. The next page will highlight a list of different motorcycle makes. Select your motorcycle's manufacturer. Once selected, the next page will bring up a list of different models. Select your motorcycle and order the mount kit.

Follow the instructions provided by DMC sidecars to install the subframe for your specific motorcycle. The subframe is important because it will take the stress off your motorcycle's frame and better balance the sidecar. It will also give you mounting points to attach the sidecar.

Line up the mounting points on the Ural sidecar with those on the subframe. You will have two lower points and two upper support arms.

Connect the two lower mounts and tighten with the appropriate-sized wrenches. Attach the two upper cross arms and tighten as well. At this point, the Ural sidecar will be mounted to your motorcycle.


Take a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Sidecar operators course, as the operation is vastly different than a 2-wheeled motorbike.


The sidecar will need to be aligned and adjusted for the specific motorcycle. Refer to the Resources section for information on how to do that.

Things You'll Need

  • Sidecar subframe for motorcycle
  • Wrenches that fit the attachment hardware
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