How to Unlock Garmin Maps Offline

Updated February 16, 2017

Garmin GPS navigation devices are useful to drivers who may find themselves travelling through unfamiliar streets. Turn-by-turn directions guide Garmin users to their destination, while an integrated points of interest database displays locations such as gas stations, emergency services and banks on the map. After purchasing map updates or maps for a new location, they must be unlocked before using them. Included with your map purchase is a 25 character Unlock Code. This code is used to unlock your map product, and there is no Internet connection required for this method of unlocking.

Insert the MapSource DVD that contains your new map into the computer's disc drive.

Click on the "Unlock Regions" tab. Click the "Add" button.

Type the 25 character Unlock Code into the text box. This code is located on a yellow piece of paper, or on the DVD case, depending on the map product you purchased. Click "OK," and the map is now unlocked.

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