How to unlock proxy sites

Updated February 21, 2017

Proxy sites serve as a gateway to access web content that is being restricted on a network. A proxy site also provides its server so that users may visit any website with their IP address hidden, providing anonymity on the Web. To keep Internet users from bypassing the browsing restrictions administered on a network, network administrators also restrict access to proxy sites by using firewalls or filtering software. However, proxy sites are created and uploaded to the Internet daily; therefore, to unlock proxy sites you simply have to visit websites that display lists of new and not yet blocked proxies.

Navigate to the Proxy 4 Free website and access new proxy sites that haven't been blocked on your network. Proxy 4 Free gives you the ability to access an extensive list of new proxy sites. On the upper-left region of the Proxy 4 Free page, you will find different list options including proxy sites by domain, rating, country, access time and by last test. The lists of proxy sites are displayed on the main body of the page and they are categorised by rating, country and URL, plus they also show you how long each proxy has been online and the last time each proxy was tested. To select a proxy, click on its corresponding link and Proxy 4 Free will redirect you to the proxy's website.

Visit the Proxy Top site and use its list of most recently added proxy sites to find one that isn't blocked on your network. Proxy Top delivers a variety of proxy site lists. On the right side of the Proxy Top page, you will see an extensive list with thousands of proxy sites to choose from; however, to be proactive you should select proxy sites that are displayed on the list displayed below where it says "Most Recently Added Proxy Sites," as these are the newest proxy sites and have a higher chance of being unblocked. To access an unblocked proxy site, click on its link and Proxy Top will send you to the proxy's site.

Go to the Public Proxy Servers website and scroll through its list of new proxy sites to find one that is not restricted on your network. Public Proxy Servers host a wide array of proxy lists including ones that are sorted by domain, access time, last test, online time and country of origin. The proxy sites featured on this website are categorised by rating, proxy link and country, plus each proxy site displays how long its been online and when it was last tested. To choose a proxy site that isn't blocked on your network, click on its corresponding link and Public Proxy Servers will fetch the proxy so you can begin using it to surf the Net.


Depending on the efficiency of the restrictive settings on your network, you may need to click on more than one proxy site before you find one that is unblocked. Keep in mind that proxy sites that are new have a higher chance of being unblocked because the filtering software on your network most likely hasn't been able to trace them.

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