How to Reset a Password for Nortel Voicemail

Updated February 21, 2017

If you've forgotten your password for your office phone voice mail or you're the system administrator and you can't remember the phone system password, you can reset your password from your Nortel phone. Although a wide range of Nortel phones are currently on the market, most phones are reset in the same manner.

Press the "Feature" button. Dial "981."

Listen to the options. Press "8" for mailbox administration.

Press "4" to change your password. Enter a new password when prompted.

Press the "Feature" button. Dial "985." The voice mail extension number should appear on the phone's screen.

Press "9." Enter "73738767793" when prompted for a password.

Press the "Yes" button when the system asks you if you want to reset the password. The system will release and restore the default password.

Press the "Feature" button. Dial "983."

Enter your administrator password when the phone's screen says "LOG." If you have not set a different administrator password, the password will be set to the default password. Press "OK."

Press the button under "MBOX" on the phone's display screen.

Press the button under "Chng" on the phone's display screen.

Type in the mailbox number for which you're trying to reset the password. "Reset password" should appear on the phone's display screen.

Press the button under "Reset" on the phone's display screen.

Push the release button. The mailbox's password will be reset to the default password. The default password is typically "0000."


The default Nortel administrator password for a two-digit extension phone system is "120000," "1020000" for a three-digit phone system and "10020000" for a four-digit extension phone system. The default password for a single voicemail box on a Nortel phone system is typically "0000."

Things You'll Need

  • Nortel phone
  • Old password
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