How to make paracord knots

Updated April 17, 2017

Paracord is a type of nylon rope. It was originally used to make the cords for US parachutes but can also be used for other survival purposes, including knot tying. Square knots, figure 8 knots and clove hitch knots are three of the most common knots used for everyday survival purposes. Paracord is used by the military and the general population as its flexibility and strength makes it suitable for a number of uses, from key chains and accessories, to making shelters and securing possessions.

Take two lengths of paracord: rope A and rope B. Wrap rope A under then over rope B to the right hand side.

Take the left hand side of rope A and the right hand side of rope B and bring them together over the top of the tie, with rope A in front of rope B.

Wrap rope A under then over rope B in a similar manner to the first tie. Pull the knot tight.

Create a bend in the middle of the rope, folding it in half.

Fold the bend around to the right. Pass it around the back of the rope so the loop is on the left hand side, then pass it over the top of the rope.

Pull the original single loop through the middle of the loop you have created by passing it under then over the double loop.

Pass the rope around the back of the post or object you want to secure.

Wrap the right-hand length of the rope (length A) in front of the object and over the top of the left-hand side of the rope (length B). Pass length A around the back of the object.

Pull length A through the eye of the second loop so that it goes under length B and tighten the knot.

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