How to Face Paint an Alligator

Updated April 17, 2017

Kids love to get their faces painted to look like cats, butterflies, tigers, ghosts, clowns, witches or alligators. Face painting is a body art in which paints are applied to the face creatively. The paints used are cosmetic paints which have been specially designed for the facial dermis. When it comes to painting an alligator on the face, there are certain steps and techniques to follow to get the best result.

Visualise the image you want to paint on the face. Use the printed image you have to get an idea of the alligator you want to paint on your face.

Paint the body with a dirty green face paint colour. Mix a little black with brown and add a touch of purple to it to form the green colour if the cosmetic paints you have lack a dirty green colour.

Stroke the paint brush starting from the upper lip, and run the brush across the cheek up to the forehead. Fashion the mouth first by painting the pointy head next to the lips -- painting the upper jaw of the alligator across the upper lip and the lower jaw near the lower lip. This will make the alligator's jaw appear to be opened at the mouth area.

Paint the body by continuing down from the head and arching the back slightly when you are at the cheek. Run the paint brush up to the forehead to make the tail of the alligator, sweeping it up at the very end.

Draw in the legs. Make the front leg and back leg in a leaf-shape, and paint a horizontal line at the end of each one to make its feet.

Paint the inner body with the green paint. Use the black paint to make the eye of the alligator. Paint the teeth across the lips with the black paint, and add white lines to it to give a more natural effect.


You do not have to be a perfectionist at face painting to make an alligator. Less neatness makes the alligator look even better. Make sure the paints used are good quality cosmetic paints.


Make sure you use non-toxic paint safe for using on the skin

Things You'll Need

  • Cosmetic paints
  • Paint brushes in different sizes
  • Image of alligator
  • Bucket of water
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