Instructions to Install a Belkin G Universal Range Extender

Written by amanda rumble | 13/05/2017
Instructions to Install a Belkin G Universal Range Extender
A range extender increases wireless networking reception range. (Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images)

The Belkin G Universal Range Extender acts as an access point and extends the wireless range of the network in your home or office without cables. It increases simplicity and reduces clutter and makes managing the network easier as an administrator. You can also share a single printer over the network or play games between each computer connected. The installation process for the Range Extender is simple.

Place the Wireless Universal Range Extender (WURE) in the centre of the network's physical location, approximately halfway between the router and the computer, away from cordless phones. A range of 100-200 feet is recommended as a maximum for wireless connectivity.

Plug the Ethernet cable from the router, hub or switch on the network into the RJ-45 port on the back of the WURE and plug the power cord into the wall, ensuring both the "LAN" and "Power" LEDs are lit.

Insert the Wireless Range Extender Management Utility CD into the computer's CD-ROM drive and begin the installation by double-clicking the CD-Drive under "My Computer."

Keep the default settings for installation and click "Next" on each step until the process is completed. Access the management utility from the icon located on your desktop.

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