How to find the branch number of a bank

Written by nadine ali | 13/05/2017
How to find the branch number of a bank
Fraction codes were used to route checks to the correct bank. (Jose Luis Pelaez/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Many major financial institutions have multiple branches in a single area to accommodate the largest number of customers and give account holders the benefit of choosing the closest or most convenient location. Banks assign fraction codes to branches to identify and differentiate one location from another. You can usually find this code printed on your check.

Determine whether you need the bank fraction code. You may have been required to provide the fraction code when ordering checks in the past, but it's no longer necessary. In fact, some banking institutions have completely stopped printing the code on checks.

Look below or to the left of the check number in the upper right corner of the check. The branch number is printed in small type in the following format: xx-xx/xxx. The number of digits will vary and the code may be displayed in the traditional fraction form (numbers above and below a fraction bar, rather than divided by a forward slash.)

Contact your bank's local branch if the code is not printed on your check. If you are calling an 800 number, ask the representative if it's possible to give you the fraction code of the branch where you opened your current account.

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