How to Get Dolphin Emulator to Run Faster

Updated July 20, 2017

The Wii has specially designed hardware inside that makes it much easier for it to process Wii games. Computers were never meant to run Wii or GameCube games. The Dolphin computer software is a Nintendo Wii and GameCube emulator that allows you to play Wii and GameCube games on a computer using its DVD drive. Dolphin makes the Wii game "think" it's inside of a Wii, which enables it to play on the computer. Despite its convenience, Dolphin has its limitations, and can have a little trouble running Wii games at full speed. Change a few options in the Dolphin settings to speed things up.

Open the Dolphin emulator software on your computer and click the large "Config" button on the main software window.

Click the "Enable Dual Core" and "Enable Idle Skipping" options on the "General" tab of the config menu. Click the "JIT Recompiler" under "CPU Emulator Engine." Click the "Display" tab to move forward.

Select the "Render to Main Window" and "Use Panic Handlers" options on the Display tab. Click the "GFX Config" button on the Display tab.

Click the "Enable" and "Texture" options under "EFB Copy" mode, and click the "Advanced" button on the "GFX Config" window. Click "Disable Fog" and "Enable OpenCL" options in the Advanced section. Click "Close" to move on.

Click the "Audio" tab on the main config window and un-check the "Enable Audio Throttle" under the "DSP" heading. Set the volume to "100%." The Dolphin emulator software is now set to run at full speed.

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