How to troubleshoot a paloma water heater

Updated February 21, 2017

Paloma manufactures tankless water heaters that provide hot water in a home with one or two bathrooms. Tankless water heaters are 30 per cent more energy-efficient than a typical water heater with a tank. Paloma water heaters are covered by a limited five-year warranty on all parts of the heaters. The heat exchanger is covered by a limited 12-year warranty. Troubleshoot the water heater if a problem arises.

Press the "On" button of the remote control to turn the water heater on if there is no hot water. Make sure the hot water faucet is open fully. Turn the water shutoff valve to open it completely.

Increase the temperature on the water heater if there is not enough hot water. Ensure the hot and cold water lines are installed correctly. Reverse them, if needed.

Turn the gas valve to open it fully if the water is not hot enough.

Decrease the temperature on the water heater if the water is too hot. Open the water shutoff valve fully.

Turn off the hot water faucet if an error code is displayed on the remote control. Press the "Off" button of the remote to turn off the water heater. Wait five minutes. Turn on the hot water faucet and press the "On" button of the remote. If the error code is still displayed, turn off the faucet, press the "Off" button on the remote and continue to the next step.

Open the gas shutoff valve completely if "11" is displayed on the remote control.

Refill the LP gas container or replace it with a new cylinder when "12" is displayed on the remote control. If you don't have an LP model, contact your utility company. This code indicates that the supply of gas has been interrupted.

Open the hot water faucet completely if "15" is displayed on the remote control. This means there is not enough water volume to trigger the heater to heat the water.

Remove any obstructions on the air intake or vent termination if "05" displays on the remote control. This indicates that the air intake is blocked.


Call for service if "13" or "1L" appears on the display; "1L" indicates lime deposits inside the water heater, while "13" indicates that the water heater requires service.

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