How to Unlock a Charter Cable Box

Updated April 17, 2017

Parental control settings on your Charter cable box allow you to lock channels and programs by rating and content. This is especially useful when you have children in your home. Unlocking the cable box allows you to enjoy watching blocked channels and shows. With a few simple clicks on your remote, you can unlock your cable box and enjoy your favourite programs.

Tune the Charter cable box receiver to the channel you want to unlock. When prompted to do so, enter the PIN code you created when setting up parental controls.

Choose "Master Locks" from the "Locks Setup" screen, and change the setting from "No" to "Yes" to clear all parental control settings and unlock all channels.

After viewing unlocked programming, restore parental control settings one of three ways: press the "Lock" button and enter your PIN; go to the "Set Up" menu and select "Locks Setup;" or turn off the Charter cable box and turn it back on.

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