How to store property deeds

Written by athena hessong | 13/05/2017
How to store property deeds
Keep your property deeds protected from fire, water and theft. (c-George/iStock/Getty Images)

The deed to your property is a critical document. If it becomes lost, you may have no proof of ownership. Storing your deeds involves protecting them from fire, smoke and water damage, theft and loss. Few places offer the necessary protection, but your bank, building society or a specialist storage company might have a solution in the form of a safety deposit box. These store your valuable property deeds in an off-site location protected in a fireproof vault. You can access the box at any time during office hours for reviewing or retrieving your property deeds.

Go to your local bank or storage company and complete the paperwork for hiring a safety deposit box.

Choose the smallest size of available box for storing property deeds to keep the hire cost down.

Place the property deeds in the safety deposit box.

Store the key for the safety deposit box in a fireproof safe or strong box in your home, since this is the only way to open the box. Optionally, keep your property deeds in a fireproof safe in your home, but it is prone to theft or natural disasters.

Contact your mortgage company or the UK Land Registry to obtain a replacement copy of your property deeds. You might have to pay a fee.

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