How to Adjust an Omega Watch Band

Updated April 17, 2017

Omega watches come in styles that accommodate men and women with casual or sophisticated tastes. Omega watch bands are available in metallic and nonmetallic options. Common nonmetallic materials used in watch band construction include rubber, leather and textile. Omega watch bands can be adjusted to fit your wrist more securely. While you may have your watch band adjusted by an Omega retailer or professional service provider, you may also adjust your watch band yourself.

Slide your finger under the Omega snap-fastening fold-over clasp.

Pull the clasp up firmly.

Remove the two studs from their holes.

Adjust the strap looser or tighter, depending on your needs.

Insert the two studs into the holes corresponding to the new length.

Press the two pushers, one located on each side of the buckle.

Pull the buckle upward to open the clasp.

Remove the two studs from the holes on the longer side of the strap.

Pull the strap looser or tighter until it is the correct size for your wrist.

Insert the two studs into the holes that correspond to the band's new length.


Avoid getting leather straps wet or exposing them to prolonged sunlight to prevent discolouration.

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