How to Repair Your Archos 404

Updated July 20, 2017

The Archos 404 combines a photo viewer, music and video player into one portable device. Like any complex device, the Archos can experience system errors or crashes that cause it to become unusable. In the event that your Archos 404 stops working, you can either perform a hardware reset, which will not affect any of the files stored to the device, or reformat the hard drive to repair the system to factory condition. Only use a reformat as a final step, since all the files stored to the Archos will be erased during the process.

Turn on the Archos 404.

Press and hold the "On/Off" button for 15 seconds.

Wait for it to restart and Archos to power back up. If you are still experiencing problems, perform a format.

Turn on the Archos 404 and press and hold the "TV/LCD" button once the Archos logo appears to enter "Recovery Mode."

Use the arrow buttons to select the "Formatting" option.

Press "OK" to reformat the Archos 404 to the original operating condition. The Archos will restart in the original operating condition.

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