How to make a free clan logo

Updated July 20, 2017

Clans in computer games are groups of players who play together in competitions against other clans. Challenges known as scrimmages and wars could be just for fun or they could be serious tournaments. When you create your own clan logo, it should be creative and reflect your clan personality. The idea of a logo is to help others easily recognise your clan. Give some thought to what you want your clan logo to portray, like fear or wit, before you start creating.

Open your favourite graphic program and create a new file. Name the file "splash" and set the width and height for your composition. For this example, we will use "400" by "200" pixels. Set the background colour to a linear gradient dark grey to black.

Import your images, such as screenshots of your clan. Adjust the images as desired, such as erasing the edges and bring the opacities down.

Draw the shape and size of your icon for your clan name with your software's draw tools -- such as the rectangle tool, star tool or the circle tool. Fill your shape with black.

Add a drop shadow; set the distance to 2 pixels and the spread and size to 8 pixels. Add a linear gradient overlay and set the angle to -90.

Duplicate and resize your shape so it is slightly smaller than the original. Change the colour of the duplicated shape.

Add a radial "White-to-Transparent" gradient and drag your mouse from the top to the bottom. Create an orb shape with your pen tool in the upper-left corner and add another radial "White-to-Transparent " gradient from top to bottom.

Change the mode to "Soft Light" and adjust the opacity as needed.

Add the name of your clan by clicking on your software's horizontal type tool and then clicking on the canvas and dragging your text area. Now write out your text. For this tutorial, use an Impact font and a greyish white colour.

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