How to refill HP 920 XL ink cartridges

Updated February 21, 2017

The HP 920XL is an alternate version of the standard HP 920 colour printer cartridge. The difference between the original and the 920XL is the XL's ability to hold twice the printer ink. Refilling this cartridge from home is a relatively simple task that anyone can accomplish in just a few minutes time. Once filled, the HP 920XL will provide printing results that match a new printer cartridge.

Protect a flat workspace with paper towels.

Attach the needle to the 10cc syringe and fill it with 8 millilitres of colour replacement printer ink.

Protect one hand with a vinyl glove, then remove the HP 920XL from the computer printer and hold a gloved finger over the outlet hole on the underside of the empty cartridge.

Peel off the HP 920XL label on the top of the cartridge, then insert the syringe into the vent hole now visible.

Slowly inject the ink into the vent hole, then remove your finger from the outlet hole once the ink has settled for approximately one minute.

Place the cartridge in a bowl for two minutes to allow the excess ink to slowly drip out.

Return the cartridge to its printer and run cleaning cycles before returning to regular printing tasks.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper towels
  • Vinyl glove
  • Syringe (10cc)
  • Needle attachment
  • Colour printer ink (8ml)
  • Bowl
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