How to dry firewood fast

Updated February 21, 2017

Wet firewood is hard to burn, produces less heat and causes excessive smoke. Ideally, you should prepare firewood by cutting it, splitting it, piling it in a single row and exposing it to the sun and wind for six months. If you have not had a chance to harvest your wood in the spring or summer, it may not be dry enough to use successfully as firewood. Fortunately, there is a special method you can use to speed up the seasoning process, so that it dries in four to six weeks.

Stack your firewood along a fence, in a single row.

Drape a plastic tarp over the fence and firewood.

Place rocks along the edge of the tarp -- every 4 feet -- and on the corners. This will prevent your tarp from blowing away.

Roll the edge of the tarp up and over one of the rocks to completely cover it. Using a piece of twine, secure the rock in place by tying a knot around the rock, enclosing it inside the edge of the tarp. Repeat this process for each of your rocks. This will ensure that your rocks stay in place and that animals or children will not remove them from your tarp. The tarp will trap the heat of the sun, thus causing the moisture in the wood to evaporate.

Things You'll Need

  • Fence
  • Clear plastic tarp
  • Large rocks
  • Twine
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