My Roomba Won't Charge on the Base

Updated February 21, 2017

An iRobot Roomba is a line of vacuum cleaning robots. The circular machine can be programmed to automatically vacuum rooms within your house on specified times and days. A Roomba is powered by a rechargeable battery. The battery can be charged with a charging base or an AC power adaptor. If the unit is not charging while on the charging base, you need to determine whether the charging base is the problem or if the battery and/or AC power adaptor is the problem.

Turn off the Roomba by pressing the "Power" button.

Flip the Roomba upside down, so the bottom is face up. Press the mechanisms locking the battery in place, located on either side of the battery, inward. Lift up on the battery for removal.

Clean the battery contacts on the battery and the battery housing unit. Dampen a cotton swab with water or rubbing alcohol and gently wipe away dust, dirt and residue. Allow the contact to air dry.

Align the contacts on the bottom of the battery with the contacts in the battery bay and slowly push the battery into the housing unit. When secure, the battery will lock or snap into place. The battery will be lying flat in the housing unit. Flip the Roomba over, so the top is now facing upward.

Plug the AC power adaptor jack into the outlet on the side of the charging base. Plug the opposite end of the power adaptor into an electrical socket.

Place the backside of the Roomba onto the charging base. The unit will snap firmly into place. Once secure, the charging indicator light will turn flash yellow, indicating the unit is charging. If the light does not turn on, or is red, proceed to Step 3.

Lift up on the Roomba to remove it from the charging base. Remove the AC power adaptor from the charging base.

Plug the AC power adaptor into the charging outlet on the side of the Roomba. Once connected, the charging indicator light will blink yellow, indicating the unit is charging. If the unit does not charge with the power base, the power base is not working correctly and should be repaired or replaced. If the Roomba does not charge while on the charging base or connected to the AC power adaptor, either the power adaptor or battery is defective and should be replaced.


Contact iRobot customer care service at (877) 855-8593 for additional troubleshooting, support and warranty information. Most Roomba's are sold with a one-year warranty.

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