How to Wire Satellite Cable

Written by j. anthony cooley | 13/05/2017
How to Wire Satellite Cable
Coaxial cable connects your satellite cable to your TV (Chad Baker/Photodisc/Getty Images)

A satellite receiver box that is wrongly connected to the satellite dish and TV will render your satellite service unusable. If the wires are connected to the wrong ports, your receiver box will not receive any signals from your satellite, and your TV will not receive any signals from your receiver box. The satellite signal must connect straight to the receiver box where it can convert the signal to a watchable format. From there, the signal must be transferred to the TV through the correct port where the TV can display the programs.

Connect the coaxial cable wire that runs from the satellite to the Radio Frequency connector labelled "Cable In" on your satellite receiver box. This brings the signal the satellite catches to your receiver box where it converts the signal to be watched on your TV.

Connect one end of the coaxial cable into the RF connector labelled "TV/VCR" on the satellite receiver box and connect the other side of the coaxial cable to the RF connector on the back of the TV labelled "Ant In." This takes the converted signal and sends it to your TV.

Plug the power cord of the receiver box into an electrical wall outlet. Turn both the TV and receiver box on and set the TV to channel 3. Leave the TV on channel 3 and change the channels using the receiver box. Volume can be adjusted on both the TV and receiver box.

Things you need

  • Coaxial cable

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