How to locate TV broadcast towers

Updated February 21, 2017

TV broadcast towers are used to beam analogue and digital TV signals into nearby television receivers. Reception can be diminished by things such as large buildings or other structures in the direct path between your receiver and the TV towers. Locating the nearest broadcast towers in your area can help provide excellent television reception.

Go to the Antenna Web organisation's website. Click the "Choose an Antenna" button to get started. (See Resources)

Fill out the form with your address and other applicable information about your location that might affect reception. Click "Submit" when finished.

Drag the house icon located on the map to reposition it directly over your address if necessary. Click "Continue" at the bottom of the page when finished.

Scroll down to view a list of TV broadcast towers near your address. Click the radio buttons to view analogue or digital stations only, and click the "View Street Level Map" to see a map of the area from the street level.

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