How to Repair an Aluminum Dent

Updated July 20, 2017

Aluminium is a lightweight metal created when hydrogen and magnesium fuses together. Most aluminium is mixed with other elements like copper or manganese to give it different qualities. Aluminium is a durable material, but it can dent easily on impact. Often aluminium siding is dented during instillation. Repairing an aluminium dent is a relatively simple project.

Mix an auto-body filling to the manufacturer's instructions. Apply the auto-body filler to a dent smaller than two inches with a plastic scraper so that the patch is slightly higher than the surrounding area.

Scrape the patch smooth with a paint scraper before the auto-body filler fully hardens or let the auto-body filler harden then sand it smooth with fine-grit sandpaper.

Brush on a primer and then paint the patch to match the existing aluminium.

Drill a few 1/8 inch holes into the middle of the dented area with a drill for dents larger than 2 inches.

Place four-five washers onto the threads of a few sheet metal screws. Screw the sheet metal screws into the holes that were drilled into the dent. Pull on the screws with pliers just enough to pop the dent out.

Unscrew the screws from the dent. Tap down any high spots by running a paint scraper over the holes and pressing them down gently.

Mix an auto-body filler to the manufacturer's instructions. Spread the auto-body filler onto the dented area with a plastic scraper. Apply the filler to the area so that the patch is only slightly higher than the surrounding area.

Run a paint scraper over the patched area before it hardens to smooth it or sand the patch with a fine-grit sandpaper after it hardens. Brush on a primer and paint to match the existing area if desired.


Don't pull screws too hard when trying to pop the dent back out because it can create a bulge.

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