How to Reset an HP Ink Cartridge on a Date Chip

Updated March 23, 2017

Ink cartridges for printer devices have what is known as a "chips." HP ink cartridges have this chip. The HP ink cartridge chip notifies the printer when the ink has run out. Using an ink refill kit to refill the ink in an old cartridge means the printer device will not recognise the cartridge as full. To make the cartridge work, the chip has to be reset. If it is reset, the printer will recognise it as full, making it usable again. A simple way to reset the chip is by using a universal ink cartridge chip resetting device.

Purchase a universal ink cartridge chip resetting device. You can purchase these devices in electronic shops or Internet retail stores.

Take the ink cartridge out of the printing device.

Align the resetting device pins and the HP ink cartridge chip. Connect the pins and the chip together, making sure the connection is strong.

Continue to hold the connection until the LED light on the resetting device turns green. This usually takes 10 seconds or less. The HP ink cartridge is now reset, and the printer will recognise it as full.

Things You'll Need

  • HP ink cartridge
  • Universal Ink Cartridge Chip Resetting Device
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