How to send a text from your blocked number

Updated February 21, 2017

Most cell phone networks allow you to block your cell phone number when making outgoing calls. Some phones have a "block number" option, while other phones require you to ask a customer service representative to block your number. For the most part, blocking your number does not affect text messages. A text message from any cell phone displays the sender's number, even if that sender has blocked her number. However, you can send text messages with a blocked number over the Internet.

Navigate to the Txt Em Now home page (see Resources).

Input the ten-digit phone number to which you wish to send the text message in the "receiver's mobile phone number" box. Do not use dashes, spaces or parentheses.

Enter your contact name or alias in the second box. Leave the box blank for a completely anonymous text message.

Press the button for the receiver's mobile phone region, selecting either inside or outside the United States and Canada.

Input the message in the "Message" box. Your message can be up to 140 characters.

Press the "Send the Text!" button.

Navigate to the Text For Free home page (see Resources).

Input the recipient's number in the first box.

Input the subject line of the text message in the second box.

Type the content of the text message in the third box. Your message may contain up to 140 characters.

Press the appropriate button for the receiver's cell phone service.

Press the "Send Free Text Message!" button to send.

Navigate to the AnonTxt home page (see Resources).

Enter your alias in the first box. Leave the box blank to send a completely anonymous message.

Input the subject in the second box. You can leave this box blank.

Enter the receiver's 10-digit number in the third box. The number must be within the United States or Canada.

Type the message in the fourth box. Your message may contain up to 145 characters.

Press "Submit" to send the message.


Text message websites are sometimes shut down due to abuse. If you want to continue texting anonymously, do not abuse the service by harassing people or sending spam messages.

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