How to convert english clothing sizes to french

Updated March 17, 2017

When it comes to shopping internationally, sizing can create a bit of an issue. English sizing standards differ from most other countries, including France. To cause further confusion, while men's sizing is more standardised and uses exact measurements, women's sizing is less uniform. This can cause problems when you go in search of size 6 dress in France only to find double digit numbers. Whether shopping online from a French company or actually buying your clothing in France, you need to know the clothing size conversions before you buy.

Add 28 to UK women's sizes to determine the equivalent French size. For example, a UK women's size 8 converts to a French women's size 36.

Multiply the UK men's size by 2.54 to determine the equivalent French size. One inch equals 2.54 centimetres so performing this action converts the size from inches to centimetres.

Round the number you obtained to the nearest number. The result is the equivalent French size. For example, if converting a UK men's size 30 to the equivalent French size, multiply 30 by 2.54. This results in an answer of 76.2. Rounded to the nearest number, the result is 76; thus, a UK men's size 30 is a French men's 76.


This merely acts as a guideline; designer variations or body types can result in different sizing. Try on clothing if you can, or use exact measurements when shopping internationally.

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