How to Fold a Pop Up Tent

Updated February 21, 2017

To take the difficulty out of folding a pop-up tent, you can easily work the tent back into its case for packing. Tents by design are made to fold back up into the case they came with. And contrary to popular belief, you don't need a machine to fold it for you to make that perfect fit.

Remove the poles from the tent, and pack them into the sack they belong in. It's important to have any of the support poles removed from the tent for easy folding.

Stretch out the tent so there are no overlapping sections of the fabric. The top of the tent will always look loose. When stretching it out, make sure the bottom of the tent is taut from corner to corner.

Fold the tent in half. Make sure the corners touch on each side. During this step, the top section of the tent may bunch up and cause there to be lumps. Simply push the top section inside the fold to reduce any bumps or sags.

Halve the tent again. You may have to push back the inside of the folds to reduce the lumps. At this point, the tent should be in a long strip laying on the ground.

Press the air out of the tent either with your hands or by walking along the strip a couple times. You'll want to remove as much air from inside the tent as possible.

Roll up the tent. Be sure to apply constant pressure so that you squeeze out any left over air. In the end, you'll have a tightly rolled tent that will fit right back into its case.

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