DIY Wooden Gazebos

Updated February 21, 2017

A gazebo is a small wooden structure with a roof and open sides. Long popular in public places such as parks, gazebos are beginning to appear in some people's backyards. A gazebo provides an outdoor gathering place for your friends and family, and the roof allows you to remain outside when conditions are less than ideal. Building a gazebo can be a challenging project, so many people purchase gazebo kits and assemble them.

Buy a gazebo kit. You can purchase one online or at a home improvement store. The kit will come with all of the pieces that you need to construct the gazebo, with the largest pieces, such as the roof and floor, pre-assembled. A kit for a gazebo that is 6 to 8 feet across will cost between £1,300 and £1,950 (2010 prices).

Build the foundation for the gazebo. You can either pour a concrete slab, or build concrete piers by digging holes, filling them with concrete and inserting beams that will support the gazebo.

Organise the pieces of the gazebo kit by grouping similar pieces together. This will help speed up the assembly time.

Lay the floor panels facedown and fit them together. Connect the panels using the screws provided with the kit; they will be inserted through the pre-drilled holes and tightened.

Flip the floor over and move it into place on the foundation or footings. Consult local building codes regarding whether the gazebo needs to be bolted to the foundation.

Place the beams that will be used to support the roof in position around the floor, but don't screw them into the floor yet.

Attach the wall panels by placing them between two beams and screwing them into place.

Screw the roof-support beams to the floor, and inspect all joints for proper installation.

Place a ladder in a position where you can begin to install the roof panels.

Slide the roof trusses into position and attach them where they meet in the centre and where they meet the beams on the walls. Get someone to assist you if necessary.

Place the roof panels on top of the trusses and attach them with nails or screws.


Contact your local zoning board before constructing the gazebo to acquire any permits that you need and to learn the local building codes regarding outdoor structures. Without the proper permits or if you don't build the gazebo up to code, the board may fine you or force you to tear the gazebo down.

Things You'll Need

  • Gazebo kit
  • Shovel
  • Concrete
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Ladder
  • Assistant
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