How to Get Cash Using an American Express Card

Updated February 21, 2017

American Express is one of the largest credit card providers in the United States, but you can still run into instances where people do not accept this card. If you need to make a purchase using your American Express card but the merchant will not accept the payment, get a cash advance with your card using the feature called "Express Cash." The Express Cash option allows you to pull a limited amount of money off the card at an authorised ATM.

Visit the American Express "ATM Finder" website. While American Express has more than 500,000 usable ATMs worldwide, there are some that will not accept your American Express card. Use the "ATM Finder" tool to locate a usable ATM in your area.

Call American Express (1-800-227-4669) to start set up your card on the Express Cash program. Enter your card number on the phone keypad when prompted and then press the "0" button to speak with a live customer support representative.

Complete the verification process so the representative can verify your identity and access your account information. Inquire about your cash advance limit (the amount you can draw off the card for each ATM visit) and have the representative set up a four-digit personal identification number (PIN) you can use at the ATM.

Ask the customer service representative for a full disclosure of the fees and added interest you incur from using the Express Cash option. The Express Cash option is nothing more than a credit card cash advance. The credit card cash advance has different fees and interest than what you normally receive from regular card purchases.

Travel to a compatible ATM you found using the "ATM Finder" tool on the American Express website. Swipe your ATM card into the card reader and enter your personal identification number into the machine. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw (as long as it is below your cash advance limit) and agree to the ATM surcharge.

Remove your cash from the ATM and collect your receipt.


If you have an American Express card provided by a company outside of American Express, call the card provider to set up your personal identification number.

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