How to Get Rid of Red Veins on My Face

Updated February 21, 2017

Red veins on the face can be unsightly and upsetting. Approximately 60% of the population suffers from spider veins. There is a network of veins and small blood vessels, called capillaries, on the face. Factors such as sun, trauma and ageing can cause the blood vessels and veins to break and become more visible. Broken capillaries appear as small broken veins. Rather than trying to cover them up with make-up, put your best face forward and get rid of them altogether.

Treat red veins with pulsed laser light. This must be done by a health care professional, such as a dermatologist. A pulsed laser light is one of the most effective treatments for red veins on the face. It is used to heat and destroy veins and capillaries.

Meet with the doctor within two weeks of treatment, or whenever he recommends. She will want to review your progress and determine if you need any additional treatments. In some cases, you may have to have the laser light procedure done more than once.

Obtain sclerotherapy from a dermatologist. It's a common procedure that is effective at getting rid of red veins. A benefit of this procedure is that there is no anaesthesia used, and you can resume regular activities right away.The doctor will inject a liquid chemical into the red veins in your face. The walls of the veins will stick together and seal shut, which then turns into scar tissue. The veins will fade away within two weeks.


Wear sunscreen every day to protect the skin on your face.


Do not consider trying to get rid of red veins on your face at home.

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