How to use a tassimo

The Tassimo beverage machine is a single-cup brewing system patented by Kraft Foods. It uses T Discs containing a single serving of tea, coffee, chocolate or milk. Braun manufactured and distributed all Tassimo coffee machines under license from 2004 until May 2008. Since June 2008, Bosch Home Appliances has been the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Tassimo products. Braun continues to offer warranty service and replacement parts for the machines they made. The Braun and Bosch systems work in the same way and all T Discs fit both machines.

Remove the water tank and fill it with fresh water to the "MAX" mark. Do not use chemically softened water. Replace the water tank and switch the machine on with the "On/Off" switch. The orange "Stand-by" icon lights up.

Place a suitably-sized cup on the stand. For espresso, use a 85.1gr. cup and turn the cup stand height adjustment control counterclockwise until you feel it click into position. Use an 312gr. cup for most beverages and place it on the cup stand in the default position. Use a minimum 454gr. cup to make a 340gr. coffee, removing the cup stand completely. Minimise the distance between the brewing unit and the top of the cup to avoid splashes of hot liquid.

Open the brewing unit by lifting the lid. Select your T Disc and place it into the T Disc holder with the printed side facing down. Secure the tab of the T Disc in the slot on the right. Push the lid of the brewing unit down until you hear it click into place. The "Stand-by" light will flash.

Press the "Start/Stop" button when the green "Automatic" icon lights up. The "Automatic" icon will flash while the drink is brewing. Press the "Start/Stop" button during the brewing process to stop it early and make a stronger beverage, or wait until the "Manual" icon lights at the end of the automatic brewing process. Press and hold the "Start/Stop" button while the "Manual" icon is on to extend the brewing process for a larger drink and a milder flavour.

Open the brewing unit and remove the T Disc only after the orange "Stand-by" light has come on. Replace the T Disc with a fresh one to make the next drink, or turn off the Tassimo with the "On/Off" switch.


Before using the machine for the first time, run it with a full water tank and the provided service T Disc.


Do not remove the water tank during the brewing process. Hold the used T Disc by the tab when removing it, and turn it printed side up to stop it from dripping.

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