How to find out the previous owners of a house

Written by timothy onkst | 13/05/2017

You may be curious to know who owned your home before you moved into it. Real estate agents may not have this information at their fingertips, so you'll have to find the answer yourself. There are a few ways to find out the history of a property and who the previous owners of a home were.

Go to the county recorder's office to review the title, or deed, of the home and the changes in ownership, advises to the State of Utah website.

Visit the county property tax assessor. Tax assessments may give you a history of owners of your home as part of the public record.

Search for the property on the county website online database. Many large counties have property information available on the Internet, including previous owners, home additions and tax information. For example in Williamson County, Texas, with just the property address, you can find all of this information online.

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