How to Recycle Aluminum Composite Panels

Written by marlo peterson | 13/05/2017
How to Recycle Aluminum Composite Panels
Recycling aluminium panels can benefit you and the environment. (Influx Productions/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Because aluminium is 100 per cent recyclable, you should collect all of your aluminium composite panels so they can be transported to a nearby recycling centre. Most centres pay you a certain amount of money depending on the weight of the recyclable materials you're turning in. Since aluminium composite panels are heavy and solid, you may get a decent return. This is the proper way to dispose of aluminium, because it takes 400 years for the metal to decompose naturally. By recycling it, the metal can be used again.

Gather your aluminium panels in a central location. Be careful not to cut yourself on any of the edges. Depending upon the amount you have, this could be a tedious task, so if the panels are on the heavy side, get someone to help carry them.

Load the panels into a vehicle to take to a nearby recycling centre. A large truck or cargo van is ideal for this undertaking.

Drive to the recycling centre of your choosing. Tell an employee the nature of the material you're giving so he can direct you to the correct area of the recycling centre for unloading.

Unload the aluminium panels. A crew of recycling employees will either unload it for you or assist you with unloading your vehicle.

Receive payment (if applicable). If the centre offers reimbursement, your materials will be weighed and you will be paid accordingly.

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