How to Troubleshoot a Gyration Mouse

The Gyration mouse is a wireless mouse with a receiver that plugs into a computer's USB port. The mouse is compatible with systems running Windows XP and below and should work from USB mouse drivers innate to the operating system. When properly working, the wireless mouse will communicate to the receiver, causing the pointer on the computer to respond. A jumpy mouse pointer or lagged responses are signs that the mouse may not be working correctly.

Remove any clutter from around the receiver that may block the wireless communication between the mouse and the receiver.

Place the receiver in a location where it can easily detect the mouse's wireless signal.

Unplug the Gyration mouse receiver from the current USB slot and plug it into a new USB slot on the computer. You will see an on-screen notification as Windows detects the mouse.

Allow your computer to automatically reinstall the mouse drivers for the new USB slot. If the drivers were in conflict or became corrupted, this will refresh the driver installation for your mouse.

Reboot the computer to allow the drivers to refresh.

Place the Gyration mouse in the receiver and allow it to charge fully. A low battery may cause issues with mouse performance. While the mouse battery can last up to 13 hours, an older mouse battery may not have as much charge time.

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