Plantronics M2500 Pairing Instructions

Written by maya walker | 13/05/2017
Plantronics M2500 Pairing Instructions
Using a Bluetooth headset while driving is considered safer than holding the phone. (B2M Productions/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

A Plantronics M2500 Bluetooth headset can be used for hands-free communication. Although a Bluetooth headset is not necessary for communicating, some people prefer the convenience of using it over a phone's speakerphone. Pairing a phone and headset establishes a secure connection between the two devices. This connection can then be used to answer and disconnect calls. After pairing, you can slip the Plantronics M2500 over an ear and begin communicating.

Turn on the Plantronics M2500 and hold down the "Call Control" button while moving the "Multi-function Dial" up. Release the buttons when the LED light flashes red then green.

Press the "Menu/OK" key while on your mobile phone's home screen. Select the "Tools" menu from the list of options.

Select "Bluetooth" and highlight "Add New Device" or "Add New." Press the "Menu/OK" button.

Wait for the phone to locate the Bluetooth headset and select "M2500 by Plantronics" from the list of found devices.

Enter the passkey for the headset on the phone's keypad when prompted. The passkey is "0000."

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