How to Clean Scratches in a Car Window From Wiper Blades

Updated April 17, 2017

Worn or old windshield wiper blades or wipers that simply don't function properly can easily cause minor scratches in the windshield. Windshield scratches are not only annoying -- they can be dangerous as well. Scratches interfere with the driver's line of vision and obscure the road and oncoming traffic. Windshield scratches also compromise the strength and integrity of the windshield. Repairing the scratches is an easy procedure that takes about 30 minutes.

Purchase a windshield scratch-repair kit at the auto parts store. The repair kit has a cerium oxide rubbing compound that seals and bonds the scratch.

Lift the windshield wiper arms up and lock them in the upright position.

Clean the windshield scratches and surrounding areas with a non-ammonia-based window cleaner and soft cloth.

Apply the rubbing compound to the scratches with you finger. Gently rub the compound into the scratches using a circular motion and a mild amount of pressure. Allow the compound to completely dry. Drying time should be 30 minutes, but read the instructions that come with the repair kit.

Wash the windshield with water and dry with a soft towel.

Return the windshield wiper arms to the regular position.

Things You'll Need

  • Windshield scratch repair kit
  • Cloth
  • Towel
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