How to Listen to Online Radio Coast to Coast

Updated March 23, 2017

Coast to Coast AM is a popular syndicated late-night radio show hosted by George Noory. Most of the shows discuss paranormal phenomena, the occult, conspiracy theories, UFOs and other related topics. It is a call-in show that devotes a significant amount of airtime to hearing stories from listeners, who are often quite passionate. Although Coast to Coast is syndicated and can be listened to all over North America,listening to the show online allows listeners to hear older episodes, pause the show, and listen to the day's broadcast at a time of their choosing.

Open your Internet browser by double-clicking on its icon in your "Applications" folder.

Load the Coast to Coast AM home page.

Click on one of the links under "Latest Show" in the box on the right side of the page. There are links for the show in Realplayer and Windows Media Player format, with each provided in a high-quality version for people with faster ("high bandwidth") connections and a lower-quality version for slower ones. Clicking on the Realplayer show will load the show in your web browser, while clicking on the Windows Media Player link will open the separate Windows Media Player program and play it from there. You may also click on "iTunes Podcast." This will download an MP3 copy of the show that you can play in iTunes and transfer to a portable MP3 player.

Click on "Play" in your web browser, Windows Media Player, or iTunes to listen to the show. You may click on "Pause" at any time to stop it.

Listen to older episodes by clicking on the "Show Archives" link. In the page that comes up, click on the title of any show you would like to listen to, then click on the format you would like to hear it in.

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