How to recycle Kodak ink cartridges

Written by jennifer patterson | 13/05/2017
How to recycle Kodak ink cartridges
Recycling Kodak ink cartridges can help the environment and your pocket. (Thinkstock/Getty Images)

Recycling ink cartridges, including Kodak ink cartridges, is becoming the norm these days. When ink cartridges are recycled, they are reused to make new cartridges or refilled so that you can use them again. Companies and individuals can save money by recycling ink cartridges and, at the same time, help the environment by reducing landfill waste.

Post your used Kodak ink cartridges to Cartridge World to recycle them. Cartridge World has a recycling program for people who have ink and toner cartridges they want to recycle. As of 2014, the company will also pay you 50p per returned cartridge if you create an online account with them. Cartridge World doesn't accept cartridges in store but offers a free post service that you can use for cartridge recycling.

Use the Internet as your guide to recycling your Kodak ink cartridges. Visit the Charity Inks website (see Resources for link) to find out how to recycle your ink cartridges. Carefully read the requirements and the list of cartridge types that the charity accepts for recycling.

Many local councils accept used inkjet printer ink cartridges at household waste recycling centres. Place the used cartridges in the plastic waste receptacle at the centre. Check with your local authority first to ensure that they accept printer ink cartridges. Some councils also run kerbside plastics recycling and will take printer ink cartridges as part of this scheme.

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