BIOS Upgrade & Recovery for an Acer 9301

Updated April 17, 2017

When your Acer Aspire 9301 laptop boots up, it first uses a program called the BIOS to perform a series of system checks prior to loading the operating system. Your BIOS may become out of date over time and won't always be compatible with newer hardware and software. If your Aspire 9301 has difficulty using certain hardware components or often crashes, upgrading the BIOS and recovering the default BIOS options resolves the problem.

Shut down the Acer Aspire's operating system. Press the power button at the top of the keyboard to begin the operating system boot sequence. Hit "F2" as the Acer logo loads on the screen to access the BIOS menu.

Locate the current BIOS version your laptop is using, which is listed next to the "BIOS Revision" heading. Note the version number and restart the laptop by press "F10" and "Enter."

Access the Acer support downloads website. Open the drop-down menu and click your geographical region.

Choose the "Notebook" option and select "Aspire" underneath the "Product Line" heading. Scroll down through the list of Aspire models and select the "Aspire 9300 Series" entry.

Navigate to the green "BIOS" heading. Click the BIOS download link for the version you want to install. Right-click the BIOS file and choose the "Extract Here" option.

Open the new folder that appears and select the "WINFALSH_ADVANCED" folder. Select the "Setup-32-bit Setup Launcher" icon. Click the drop-down menu and choose your preferred language setting.

Choose "OK" and mark the check box labelled "Start WinPlash." Select "Finish." Click the "Browse" button and navigate to the BIOS folder you extracted earlier. Click the entry for the "BIOS.WPH" file and choose "Open."

Select the "Flash BIOS" option. Restart the Acer laptop again after the BIOS upgrade process finishes. Hit "F2" to access the BIOS menu.

Press "F9" to open the "BIOS Defaults" option. Highlight "Yes" and hit "Enter" to recover the BIOS back to its original settings. Hit "F10" and tap "Enter" to exit the BIOS.


Don't upgrade your Acer laptop's BIOS unless you are already experiencing problems. Your current hardware and software configuration may not be compatible with the latest BIOS revision.

Things You'll Need

  • Acer Aspire BIOS update file
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