How to Find Out If Someone Has Blocked Your Call

Updated April 17, 2017

With advances in communications technology, we have the option to keep unwanted callers at bay by blocking their number. When that person calls from the number blocked, the phone will not even ring. While convenient to help keep harassment at a minimum, some individuals abuse the privilege. In certain circumstances, you may find yourself on the other end of the situation, wondering whether someone has blocked your number. If someone owes you money and wants to escape from a responsibility, he may block your number as a delay tactic. If you suspect and want to confirm the blocking of your number, you will need to make a couple of calls.

Pick up the receiver of the phone and dial the party on the line you suspect is blocked.

Listen to see if the call goes through. If you don't hear ringing and the party has blocked your call, you may get a message confirming the party is not accepting calls from your number or you may get a general recording informing you that your call did not go through, depending on the provider.

Call the party from another phone line with a different number assigned. If the phone rings on the other end, you can confirm the party has blocked your telephone number.

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