How to Print a Test Page on an HP Deskjet 5150

Written by jade blue | 13/05/2017

It is a good idea to print out a test page every time you change your printer's ink cartridges. The test page shows the machine's calibration and whether it is correctly printing text and graphics. The test page also displays print quality. Colour streaking indicates a clogged cartridge which needs to be cleaned. Some printer models require a manual test-page printout, but the HP Deskjet 5150 automatically prints a test page after you replace the ink cartridges.

Lift your printer's cartridge latch and replace the old ink cartridges with new ones. Refer to your owner's manual regarding the proper procedure.

Close the cartridge latch. If required, stock your printer with paper. If the ink cartridges are installed correctly, a test page begins printing immediately.

Study the test page. Text should have crisp, clear lines. Colours should be vivid and lack fading and streaking.

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