How to remove sample points in photoshop

Written by greg lindberg | 13/05/2017

When editing an image in the Adobe Photoshop application, use the eyedropper feature to select sample points of your image. A sample point is a portion of the image that you want to touch up and contains only a single set of pixels. Select a sample point of your image at any time, then remove the sample point using the eyedropper menu from the eyedropper palette.

Open the Adobe Photoshop application on your computer. Click the "File" option from the top toolbar menu.

Select the "Open" option. Locate and click on the image you want to work with. Click on the "Open" button.

Hold down the "Option" key on your keyboard for a Mac computer or the "Alt" key for a PC computer, and select the sample point you want to remove from the picture.

Click the "Eyedropper" button from the top right corner of the eyedropper palette and a shortcut menu will appear.

Select the "Delete Sample Point" option and the sample point will be automatically removed.

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