Magellan GPS 300 Instructions

Updated March 13, 2018

The Magellan GPS 300 is a handheld navigational system you can carry when you are hiking, walking or exploring any new area. It tracks your location and will guide you to any destination you have saved in the memory. You can set up and begin using your Magellan GPS 300 right away.

Turn the ring of the battery door screw counter-clockwise to remove the battery cover.

Insert two AA batteries and replace the battery cover.

Turn the ring on the back of the battery cover clockwise until it is secure.

Press the "PWR" button on your GPS to turn it on.

Navigate to your region with the arrow pad; press "ENTER" once you find your region.

Choose your country or state with the arrow pad and press "ENTER" again.

Use the arrow pad to enter the elevation for your location and press "ENTER." If you do not know the elevation, leave it at zero.

Set the present time for your location with the arrow pad and press "ENTER."

Enter the correct date with the arrow pad and press "ENTER."

Watch the display as the Magellan 300 searches for satellites in your area. Once it finds three satellites and sets a position fix, it will switch to the navigation screen.

Press the "MARK" button to save your position fix for later use. Press "ENTER" to accept the receiver generated name for your location.

Press the "MARK" button to create a landmark. You will use the GPS to navigate from your current position to any landmarks you have created.

Create a name for your landmark. You can use up to four characters. Use the up or down arrows to change the character and the left or right arrows to move the cursor left or right. Hit "ENTER" once you have a name saved.

Change the latitude with the arrow pad and press "ENTER." You can use an online map or handheld map to find an estimated latitude and longitude location.

Enter the correct longitude with the arrow pad and press "ENTER."

Press the "GOTO" button from any screen.

Move to the landmark you want to navigate to with the left or right arrow keys.

Press "ENTER" or "GOTO." The navigation screen will appear with the landmark you are navigating toward at the top of the screen. It also shows which direction you are heading, your speed and the distance to your destination.

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