How to Upgrade the American Megatrends BIOS

To keep your American Megatrends motherboard updated, upgrade your Basic Input Output System, or BIOS. The BIOS allows your motherboard and other hardware to properly communicate with your operating system. If you change your operating system or hardware, an upgrade is often needed to solve any problems. Issues with your power supply, memory or hard drive can also be solved and sometimes prevented with an BIOS upgrade.

Visit the AMI Flash Utility download site listed in the Resources section. Press "I Agree" to be taken to the download link, then download the utility to your desktop.

Use compression software to unzip or decompress the AMI Flash Utility. If you are using Windows XP or higher, right-click the file and choose "Extract All."

Use the "AMI Motherboard Identification Utility," listed in the "Identify Your Motherboard" section of the AMI BIOS Support site listed in the Resources section, to determine the model of your American Megatrends motherboard.

View the "Select your AMI motherboard from the following list" section on the AMI BIOS Support site and select your motherboard from the drop-down list.

Press "Submit" and download the latest version of the BIOS for your system.

Start the AMI Flash Utility program and select the BIOS file from within the program. Follow the prompts to flash your BIOS.


If you already know your motherboard type, you do not have to use the AMI Motherboard Identification Utility.


Older American Megatrends motherboards may not support the AMI Flash Utility. Read all directions provided on the BIOS download page if your BIOS is pre-2001.

Things You'll Need

  • BIOS upgrade
  • AMI Flash Utility
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