How to Replace a Flasher on a Jeep Grand Cherokee

Replacing the flasher in your Jeep Cherokee may be necessary if the indicators or the emergency flashers stop working. The flasher controls both operations, and if it fails it usually stops working completely. Replacement flashers are readily available from any auto parts store or Jeep dealer. The flasher is buried behind the fuse panel, so it will take a little time to reach but the whole job shouldn't take more than about an hour for most experienced DIY mechanics.

Open the driver's door of your Jeep and locate the access panel for the fuse box on the end of the dash. Remove the fuse box access panel by unsnapping it from the right cowl side trim panel.

Remove the nut securing the right cowl side trim to the junction block stud with a socket and ratchet. The nut is near the centre of the fuse block.

Remove the two screws along the edge of the right cowl side trim to the right of the fuse box using a Phillips screwdriver. Set the screws aside.

Pull the trim panel off and locate the flasher inside the junction block. Unplug the combination flasher from the junction block.

Push the new flasher into the block. Position the trim panel back in place. Install the retaining screws along the right side of the fuse box and tighten them with a screwdriver.

Install the nut in the centre of the fuse block. Tighten it with a socket and ratchet. Snap the access cover onto the fuse panel. Close the door of the Jeep.

Things You'll Need

  • Socket set
  • Ratchet
  • Phillips screwdriver
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