How to Dismantle Toshiba Equium

Dismantle a Toshiba Equium only when you have ample time and patience to devote to the challenging project. Disassemble the laptop, replace or upgrade the part and reassemble the machine in one sitting. Keep the screws well-organised and labelled. Although the screws seem to be the same size, the parts are not identical. The screws will be difficult to replace properly if you don't recall the original placement. With one slip of the screwdriver, you can ruin a device or circuit board. The plastics are easily cracked or broken.

Remove the power cord from the back of the laptop. Disconnect any other cables from the machine and remove the battery by sliding the locking switch over and pulling it out. Turn the computer until the rear is facing you. With the flat edge of a precision screwdriver, pry up the plastic hinge covers. Remove the screws under the hinges that hold the upper screen assembly to the motherboard.

Turn the computer bottom face up. Remove all the screws from the underside of the laptop. Organise screw sizes in plastic cups. Unless you keep the screws organised, you won't be able to replace them easily. Remove the RAM plastic cover and push the RAM locking levers on the slot sides outward to release the RAM. Pull the RAM module from the case when it pops out at a 45-degree angle. Remove the hard drive assembly by sliding it out.

Open the screen with the laptop in the face down position. Gently remove the upper assembly from the bottom motherboard assembly. Disconnect the cables from the bottom motherboard assembly under the hinges. Set the assembly aside.

Insert the flat edge of a precision screwdriver between the case assembly and the optical drive. Pull the optical drive out of the bay. If it does not pull out easily, check the underside of the laptop for a screw that is holding it fixed.

Turn the computer face up. Pry up the small, thin plastic cover above the keyboard. Use the flat edge of a precision screwdriver to pull the plastic cover up slowly.

Unfasten the two screws that are hidden under the plastic plate. These screws hold the keyboard in place. Release the centre holding clip with your fingers. Lift the keyboard from the case slowly from the top corners. Disconnect the data cable from the motherboard and lift it off the laptop.

Unfasten the screws that hold the inner metal plate and touch pad to the motherboard. Lift out the metal safety plate and touch pad. Disconnect the touch pad data cable. Remove the small pieces of tape on the motherboard. Disconnect any cables you see.

Remove the screws that hold the motherboard to the bottom plastic assembly. Lift the motherboard from the right side until you lift it entirely from the case.


Always wear an anti-static wristband when disassembling a laptop to prevent electrical shorting.

Things You'll Need

  • Set of precision screwdrivers
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