How to locate women by their maiden names

Updated April 17, 2017

Some people search for maiden names for genealogy research, while others might be curious about an old girlfriend from school. If you're trying to locate a female companion or girlfriend from the past, you might find difficulties locating information. Most women change their maiden name to their husband's surname after marriage, which poses a frustrating problem. Fortunately, you can use the power of the Internet to locate someone by her maiden name for free.

Sign up on a maiden name registry website. Visit and sign up an account to search for the maiden name and profile. A registry houses a large database of maiden names. Two more websites for searching maiden names are and

Sign up on a classmate finder website such as Two more helpful websites are and Classmate finder websites store the names of former students and allow you to browse through profiles. Enter the maiden name of the person and locate her profile.

Register your account on a website storing free marriage records. Visit and enter the bride's surname, city and state. Two more helpful websites are and Marriage records websites store the maiden name, surname, contact information and the date the marriage took place.

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