How do I build a kegerator with a chest freezer?

Updated November 21, 2016

Having your own kegerator is fun for home entertainment. You and your guests will enjoy having cold beer on tap without having to run out and pay bar prices. Luckily, you can convert a freezer chest into a home tapping system for little cost and effort. Once the homemade kegerator is paid for the only expense you will have is the beer keg itself and a CO2 tank, which are fairly inexpensive.

Purchase a freezer chest (if you don't already have one) large enough to contain a quarter- to a half-barrel size keg.

Buy a kegerator conversion kit online or at a speciality supply store for between £65 and £104. The kit must include one faucet, one shank, one CO2 tank and a CO2 regulator. It should also contain tubing for the beer line, the CO2 line assembly and a handle tapper with a CO2 spout and a beer line.

Drill a hole through the top front centre of the of the freezer, while unplugged. Drill slowly checking once in awhile to ensure that you are not drilling through any electrical parts. This hole will be for the kegerator faucet.

Drill another hole in the centre side of the freezer, while the freezer is unplugged. The hole is for the CO2 line and should be a specific size in diameter as provided in the kegerator conversion kit instructions.

Slide the shank through the hole you cut in the front of the freezer and connect the faucet to the part of the shank sticking out of the front of the freezer. This is where you will dispense the beer. Each shank and faucet are a little different so it is important to follow instructions for this step as per the kegerator conversion kit instructions.

Connect the tubing for the beer line to the part of the shank that is inside of the freezer

Pass the CO2 line assembly through the hole on the side of the freezer.

Hook up the CO2 regulator to the CO2 tank. Set the tank near the side of the freezer where the CO2 line is run through. Connect the CO2 line to the CO2 tank, leaving the CO2 valve off. The CO2 tank should not be inside the freezer.

Attach both the beer line and the CO2 line to their specific connections on the hand tapper inside of the freezer.

Plug the freezer in, set the temperature to 4.44 degrees Celsius and close the door.

Pick up a keg of beer from your local beer store and place it in the freezer. Tap the keg once it has chilled to the proper temperature of about 4.44 degrees C.


Adjust the length of the beer tubing so as to have the shortest possible length. The longer the tube is that the beer flows through the more likely you are to have excess foam from time to time.

Things You'll Need

  • Drill
  • Kegerator conversion kit
  • Chest freezer
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