How to search for names by phone number

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether it is a phone call from an unrecognized number or a phone number that was written down without a name, there are times when we need to find the owner of a phone number without being able to directly ask. The White Pages are essentially the Yellow Pages for personal numbers and provide a website where you can search for either phone numbers or the names associated with a particular number.

Go to the White Pages website and enter the phone number, including the area code, in the "Reverse Phone" search box on the bottom left part of the screen. Click "Find."

Look through the results list and click the name to get more information.

If the search returns the words "Cell Phone" without results, type your cell phone number in the box labelled "Lookup who owns..." to receive a text from White Pages with the information. This costs £1.20 plus any charges your cell phone service applies for text messages.


Not all numbers will display results. You may need to pay a fee to get the information of businesses, cell phones and unlisted numbers, if this information is available.


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