How to Obtain the Grappling Hook Batclaw in Batman: Arkham Asylum

Updated July 20, 2017

"Batman: Arkham Asylum," released in 2009, puts players in the role of the iconic superhero as he faces off against his most dangerous villains. Batman comes prepared, however, with a wide array of gadgets that will be unlocked through the course of the game. One such upgrade for your grappling hook, called the Batclaw, will allow you to pull enemies and items toward you. The Batclaw will be given to you automatically once you have travelled to the Batcave, which becomes accessible only once you defeat Bane.

Find Bane, who is located in the Medical Facility building of Arkham Asylum and is the first boss you'll encounter in the game. Throw a quick batarang when Bane charges at you and use an evasive roll to avoid the charge, causing him to become disoriented and smash against the wall. Attack him a few times while he is stunned and use an evasive roll to escape his counter attack when he exits his stunned state. Avoid Bane's attacks until he charges again, throwing another quick batarang and attacking. When Bane's health is about 33 per cent depleted, Batman will automatically jump on Bane's back to remove one of his tubes. Avoid or defeat the henchman Bane summons during the course of the fight.

Repeat the process of attacking Bane and pulling out his tubes until Bane is defeated. Pull out all three of his tubes in order to defeat him. Batman will automatically pull these tubes out when Bane is at 66 per cent depleted health and again when Bane's health bar is fully depleted. Watch the cutscene of Batman rescuing Gordon.

Walk down the dock on Arkham Asylum after the cutsecne and use the bridge on your left. Follow this pathway until you reach a green door. Enter the door and proceed down the corridor to reach Arkham North.

Grapple the right-hand wall of the large building located in the centre of Arkham North to have Batman vault over the wall. Walk into the cave directly in front of you. Continue using your grapple to proceed upward through the cave until you come to an opening. A cutscene will trigger and Batman will automatically dive into the Batcave.

Walk forward until you reach the large computer terminal in the middle of the Batcave. A cutscene will trigger automatically, after which you'll be given the Batclaw.

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